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New Record --- 14 Large Organ Transplants within 48 Hours

FAHZU completed 14 large organ transplants within 48 hours including a heart transplant, a lung transplant, 4 liver transplants and 8 renal transplants, setting a new record in our transplantation history.

President Wang Weilin of FAHZU said that this is a new record by our concerted efforts since DCD was introduced. President Wang also expressed his appreciation for the benevolence of the donors that gives the possibility to save more lives.

Mr. Hu, a 32-year-old patient with liver cancer, was sent to the operating room after 5 am, followed by another three patients. 7 surgeons including President Wang, together with over 10 assistants, 19 anesthetists and more than 30 nurses completed a heart transplant, 2 liver transplants and 4 renal transplants. 4 Da Vinci Robot surgeries by the Urology, and 2 craniotomy operations by the Neurosurgery were done in the same day.

Mr. Zhang, who had accepted heart transplant, showed stabilized heartbeat like the sound of a new “engine”?during ward-round , a symbol of his rebirth. Another 6 organ recipients were all under smooth recovery.

The operating room was busy as ever: a lung transplant, 2 liver transplants and 4 renal transplants went on till evening. Surgeons said that they were sliding into better conditions despite of the toil, for “?there’s nothing to cause fatigue while doing something you love”.

It rained off and on outside while our medical staff were still bustling about in the operating room. What concerns them was accurate suture, stabilized vital signs and tacit cooperation with their peers.

They are strugglers looking at the stars and working down to earth;

they are practitioners harboring sweetest dreams and making hardest endeavors; their smiles are from sweats glittering with both pain and joy......?

Massive Hemorrhage of Digestive Tract, But Fortunate?Enough for a Donated Liver

Mr. Yi, 36-year-old, supposed to be in a vigorous and healthy age, but his hepatitis B developed into liver cirrhosis 5 years ago. His family was told that great attention shall be paid since liver cirrhosis could be fatal.

With repeated hematemesis and black stool showing hemorrhage of Yi’s digestive tract, he was not well for the recent 2 years and looked rather pale.

Several days ago, he was sent to hospital because of massive hemorrhage of digestive tract. Having been rescued for two days, he fortunately find a match from the donated livers. Performed by President Wang Weilin of FAHZU, the liver transplant was completed successfully.

(Prof. Wang Weilin, President of FAHZU, performed the liver transplant.)

(Zhu Shengmei, Director of Anesthesia: the greatest beauty goes to the most dedicated one.)

(Wang Ying, deputy head nurse of OR: the Statue of Liberty.)


Heart Problem Forced Him to Sit While Sleeping

Mr. Zhang, 62-year-old, has just endured a tough winter, for there was a stone-like thing pressing his chest, which compelled him to sit while sleeping. “Poor cardiac function is diagnosed and is demonstrated as high venous return, causing too much burden for the heart and consequent cough and short of breath.”?analyzed by the doctor.

Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) was confirmed, meaning that the cardiac muscle, supposed to be the strongest one, showed weak contractility, leading to insufficient blood supply. A healthy heart ejects blood in each beat while his blood ejection is only a quarter of the normal volume. Insufficiency of blood supply, followed by malfunction of organs, caused deteriorating life quality. Similar to the breakdown of an engine --- the core component of a car, it called for an overhaul --- heart transplant.

Mr. Zhang was fully at ease yesterday, and the whole family was looking forward to his rebirth.

(Chief Physician Ni Yiming, Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery, performed the heart transplant.)


Finally Came His Second Transplant after the Unfortunate Failure of the Kidney Donated by His Sister

Mr. Lu, 30-year-old, Wenzhounese, was confirmed uremia in 2009, and accepted kidney transplant then. Perhaps it’s true that that comes easily will not be cherished. Picking up gradually, Lu did not follow the doctor's advice to take the anti-rejection drugs on time. And the the transplanted kidney “went on strike”?and “was laid-off”?in 2012, which turned everything back to the beginning. Apart from regular hemodialysis, he queued up for a new kidney. The long waiting finally came to an end in its fifth year. The second kidney transplant of Lu started at 13:00 pm yesterday in FAHZU, performed by chief physician Wu Jianyong, and ended in success around 15:30. The doctor expressed his hope that the receipt sided by fortune could cherish the benevolence of the donor as well as the hard-earned health.

(Chief Physician Wu Jianyong, Deputy Director of the Kidney Disease Center, performed the kidney transplant. )


FAHZU has completed over 2150 liver transplants, 5022 kidney transplants, 24 heart transplants and 8 lung transplants so far.

We salute to the benevolent organ donors!

We salute to the dedicated medical workers!

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