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Int'l course for transplant management held in FAHZU

Updated: Sat Dec 10, 2016

An international training course for transplant procurement management was held from Wednesday to Friday in FAHZU to help ensure the healthy development of organ transplantation in China.

Senior officials from China's top-level health authorities and world-famous organ donation experts attended the opening ceremony of the China-WHO-DTI 2nd?International Course in Transplant Procurement Management, which was held in the Hospital's Daxue Road campus.

Among the officials were Director Du Bing of the medical quality control department of the national Health and Family Planning Commission, Vice Secretary Ma Shaojun of China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation (COTDF), and Vice Director Gao Xinpu of the operations department of China Organ Donation Administrative Center under the Red Cross Society of China.

More than 10 experts from foreign countries participated in the training course, including Dr Marti Manyalich, president of the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP).

Supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), the course was jointly sponsored by COTDF, Donation and Transplant Institute (DTI) of Spain, and Zhejiang Medical Association.

The course provided training programs for Chinese organ donation coordinators and doctors with the ICU and emergency department, so as to further develop their familiarity with the work of organ donation and procurement. The course also aims to better integrate China's organ donation work with the international norms and practice.

The training team was consisted of experts from China and Spain. The European nation features the universally agreed best human organ donation system, and is the country that enjoys the highest per capita rate of organ donation.

ISODP?president Marti Manyalich, who is also a professor with University of Barcelona, Spain, said that one of the most important experiences for Spain to share with China is that the ICU doctors play a key role in the work of organ donation and procurement. An ICU patient may become a recipient of donated organs or a possible source of organ donation, he said, adding that it is the ICU doctors' efforts that have greatly increased the organ donation rate in Spain.

FAHZU played the role of the host for the course. The Hospital has facilitated 382 cases of organ donation since 2010. And in 2016 it has performed all kinds of major organ transplant operations, involving livers, kidneys, hearts and lungs from 104 cases of organ donation.

President Wang Weilin of the Hospital said at the opening ceremony that FAHZU is a leading Chinese medical center in the field of organ transplantation, and is continuously strengthening its organ transplantation service.

Wang also noted that Zhejiang province, in whose capital Hangzhou the Hospital is located, has already a "very standardized" organ donation system and it has played a "very good" role in the procurement of donor organs.

Many of FAHZU's experts are concurrently members of Zhejiang provincial human organ donation committee. Ex-president Zheng Shusen is chief of the province's organ donation experts team. He is also chief of the province's organ procurement organization. President Wang and Vice President Chen Jianghua are deputy chiefs of the organization, while 22 FAHZU experts are its members.

In addition, FAHZU also has six experts working as specially-invited lecturers to help ?popularize organ donation knowledge in the province, and eight doctors and nurses ?concurrently working as organ donation coordinators.

The Hospital started organ transplantation in 1977 under the leadership of its ex-president Zheng Shusen, a world-famous liver transplant expert and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The Hospital is qualified for multiple organ transplantation, which also includes the transplant of pancreas, small intestine and bone marrow. By the end of December this year, the Hospital has performed 2,054 liver transplants, eight pancreas transplants, 4,909 kidney transplants and 28 heart transplants. And its lung transplant center, which was set up in June, has performed four cases of lung transplantation.

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