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Young girl's decision: 'Let my daddy live on...'

Updated: Fri Dec. 9, 2016

Lanlan (alias) kept wailing over her daddy's motionless body in an ICU ward in FAHZU, knowing it would be the final time now she could be together with him.

That was around 3 p.m. Wednesday. Twenty minutes later, her father, 39-year-old Mr Liu, was rolled into the operation room, where his kidneys, lungs, liver and heart were excised and then donated to save five people.

The decision to donate the organs was initiated by Lanlan, the second daughter of Mr Liu.

"I want my father to live on..." said the fifteen-year-old girl. "When his heart throbs in another person's chest, I might be able to sense it, and in this way Daddy will always be alive."

The young girl was earlier accompanied by her uncle to fly to Hangzhou from her hometown, Yibing city, Sichuan province.

"It was in the middle of a math class when my uncle hurried over to tell me that my daddy had a traffic accident," she said. "I kept asking him what happened, but he only told me that my daddy was hospitalized."

Lanlan collapsed the moment she saw her father lying motionlessly in the sickbed and learned that it was impossible that her beloved daddy would ever wake up again.

In the following days as she waited at Mr Liu's bedside, memories of a loving father ?kept flashing back.

Among many happy moments that the father and daughter spent together, one happened half a year ago when Lanlan was enrolled into a best middle school in her hometown. Mr Liu rejoiced as it actually meant that Lanlan was already "half way into the university".

"The day you go to the university, I'll come back to see you off," the father promised then. Mr Liu used to work in Jiaxing, a city near Hangzhou but far from his hometown.

But the loving father could not keep his promise now. At 6 a.m. of December 3, he rode a motorcycle to his work site, but was knocked down by a truck at a street corner. Passers-by immediately rushed him to a local hospital, whose emergency rescue efforts failed because he was "injured too badly".

"We've taken his (scanning) films to many big hospitals, but all of them said it was already hopeless," Lanlan's uncle recalled.

On Wednesday, Mr Liu was transferred from the Jiaxing city hospital to FAHZU. On early Thursday the final rescue efforts failed.

The family then had a discussion and soon reached agreement over the suggestion raised by the youngest member, Lanlan: To donate Mr Liu's organs to save other people's lives.

"He's a warm-heated man and always ready to help others," said Mr Liu's elder sister, "I'm sure he would be in favor of our decision."

Mr Liu is the 106th?person to have donated organs upon death in FAHZU this year.

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