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Hospital chief welcomes era of 'cloud medicine'

Tue. 18, 2016

What will hospitals do in the era of the Internet Plus, big data and cloud computing?

"We're embracing the new era, just like other industries," FAHZU President Wang Weilin said on Sunday at the 2016 Computing Conference, which was?held in Yunqi Town of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province.

"The new era of big data will certainly make big changes to every walk of life in the next few years," Wang said as a special VIP guest at the Cloud Medicine forum of the annual computing conference, which is previously known as the Aliyun Worldwide Developer Conference.

The idea of big data "has been there for quite some time, but not too long ago a more accurate term for big data could just be a big collection of data", the hospital president said, noting that there are only few big data-based health care products yet developed for the benefits of patients.

"Our hospital is now focusing on development of medical service and health care products through the use of big data," Wang said.

Wang was invited by the Alibaba group to talk at the forum, which attracted a large number of renowned public health officials, medical and pharmaceutical experts, and Internet entrepreneurs from home and abroad.

The hospital president said, "With the Internet Plus and cloud computing, we will make a much better use of the data to create brand new medical service and health care products."

At the conference, Alibaba group founder Jack Ma predicted that the next 30 years will be an epoch of neo-retail, neo-manufacturing, neo-finance, neo-techs and neo-resources, saying that the word of "e-commerce" will soon be "out".

FAHZU and Alibaba group have decided to start a strategic partnership to develop a new generation of medical information frame and a medical big data laboratory.

Earlier this year, FAHZU established an Internet Hospital, the first of its kind ever set up in China by a large-size public hospital.

The Internet Hospital has enabled FAHZU to provide tele-medicine services, which include consultation, pathologic diagnosis and surgical operation demonstration, for many grassroots hospitals and clinics in Zhejiang Province.

With the Internet Hospital, FAHZU has also developed closer partnership with more than 20 first-rate hospitals and medical centers over the world to establish joint research and clinics, thus allowing FAHZU to use its advanced medical expertise to provide health care services to people in the United States, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.

For the development of "cloud medicine" in China, Wang focused on the improvement of the tiered medical service system by speeding up the popularization of the Internet Plus mechanism, so as to ease shortage of doctors and medical facilities in remote and underdeveloped regions.

"Let us reach out our arms to embrace the era of the Internet Plus, big data and cloud computing," Wang said, "Let us find out the new position of hospitals in the new era."

FAHZU President Wang Weilin talks at the Cloud Medicine forum of 2016 Computing Conference?on October 16, 2016 in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province.

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