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White House affixes seal to FAHZU's service

Wed. Sep. 7, 2016

A medical team from the White House presented to FAHZU two badges of the Seal of the President of the United States on Monday to show its appreciation of the Hospital's medical expertise and service quality.

The team, led by Colonel Betty Moore, had earlier visited FAHZU twice before the opening of the G20 Summit, which was held in in early September in Hangzhou, where FAHZU is located. The team's mission was to find out if the Hospital is good enough, in case that medical service might be needed for the US president and other US delegates during the meeting of state leaders.

During their two visits in July and August, the White House doctors inspected the emergency center, CT room, the operation room, the surgical ICU ward and some other sectors. They asked a lot of questions, to which President Wang Weilin and other FAHZU medical experts who accompanied them during their visits, gave detailed answers.

"We have learned more about FAHZU through out field investigation," Colonel Moore told President Wang. "The environment, facilities and service quality of your hospital are better than expected."

"In the United States, we people are very strict with the medical and health care institutions," said Colonel Moore. "But your hospital is highly impressive with your expertise, professionalism and high quality," she added.

President Wang Weilin (center) makes an introduction about FAHZU and answers questions raised by Colonel Betty Moore (second from right, front row) of the White House medical team on August 29.

The two badges of The Seal of the President of the United States presented to FAHZU on September 5, 2016, by the White House medical team.

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