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Thumbs up to Chinese doctors

Wed. Sep. 7, 2016

"We didn't know that Chinese doctors are so great!" a medical official from Saudi Arabia exclaimed. "Thanks for Hangzhou, thanks for doctors in Hangzhou! You are really terrific!"

The Saudi official made the remarks after finding how well doctors from the FAHZU's emergency center could perform their duties.

It was shortly before the opening of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou city. The medical official played the role of an "examination officer", firing questions at doctors and nurses, when he made an inspection tour of FAHZU to secure high-quality medical service for his country's delegation attending the Summit.

The Saudi delegation was one of the largest delegations to the meeting of world leaders.

The Saudi official was very happy with the result of his "examination" and decided that FAHZU was the right choice. And several days later, he gave the thumbs up again to express thanks for FAHZU as the Hospital provided quite a number of health care services for the Saudi delegation during the Summit.

Also before the opening of the G20 Summit, medical officials from France, Japan, India, the Singapore and some other countries inspected FAHZU and expressed their recognition of the Hospital's medical strength and professionalism.

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